Stacy Monson
Revealing an Extraordinary God in Ordinary Life

Thanks for coming by! I'd love to share a few moments of life with you, so grab a cup of cocoa (throw on some extra chocolate shavings), put your feet up and let's chat.

The three things most important to me are faith, family, and fiction.
Faith is about stepping into the unknowns of life, knowing that God has my back.
Family and Friends are what make life sweet - sweeter even than the chocolate I love!

Inspirational Fiction is what I write - stories that reveal an Extraordinary God at work in ordinary lives. Stories about defeat and hope, pain and joy, friends and enemies. And always, the guy gets the gal (or maybe the gal gets the guy!). I believe in happy endings because I believe in the power of God!

Land of 10,000 Words
My blog features Minnesota writers (both published and pre-published), fun facts about Minnesota, and musings about writing and life. 


Chain of Lakes Series

Set in Uptown (Minneapolis, MN), this series follows some unforgettable characters who live lives of triumph and tragedy among the beauty of the chain of lakes.
Book 1:  Shattered Image

There's Kiera, the fashion spokesmodel, whose roots go deep into the heart of "
the city of lakes."  And Peter, the up-and-coming pop singer who discovers a place to belong in Uptown. Then there's Buck - artist, man of God, and a rock in the midst of troubled waters; Maddie, who's not afraid to go after what she wants; and Kyle, a drop-in from New York.

Book 2:  Crisis of Grace - releasing Summer 2015
Vanessa has been knocked down hard by life but she's determined to get back up, somehow. Kurt has emerged from a stint in prison with a strong faith and a love for kids on the fringe. Alongside them you'll find Mike, the gentle giant, and Scotty, who wants nothing more than to have his brother back. And River House teens Razz, Tiffani, Pauly, Burger, and Natalie.

Book 3:  releasing Fall 2015
In the coming months you'll learn more about Luke and Mollie's story so check back!
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